– A sustainable future by reducing climate emissions through CCS

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Key figures

Carbon capture and storage (CCS) will play a crucial role in the energy future if we want to reach the set climate targets. Thereby the Trudvang vision is to contribute to a sustainable future by developing a commercially sound and innovative CO₂ storage solution that mitigate climate change and promote environmental stewardship.

Start date


Annual CO₂ storage

8-10 Mtpa

Total capacity


The plan

The Trudvang project involves capturing CO₂ from several industrial emission sources in Europe and transporting it, either via ships or pipeline, to the Trudvang store for injection and permanent storage under the seabed. The plan is to be in position to start storing CO₂ in 2029.

Trudvang’s core business is to offer CO₂ storage services, but through strategic collaboration we will explore to enable transport and storage as a service.

Illustration shows one possible value chain for Trudvang
Illustration of potential transport routes from European CO₂ export terminals to Trudvang store
Illustration of CO₂ storage underneath the sea floor


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