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Collaboration across CCS projects

On Tuesday 11 June, members of Trudvang CCS ANS Management Committee and project management team visited Northern Lights’ facilities in Øygarden for a site tour and a project presentation. Northern Lights is part of the Norwegian state’s Longship project and will be the first CCS project to demonstrate a large-scale end-to-end CCS value chain.

Caroline Svae, Commercial Manager for the Trudvang project, said: “It was exciting to get an insight into Northern Lights’ experience and knowledge and to see that the site construction is ready to receive CO2 from industrial emitters in 2024. There are many lessons to be learnt from Northern Lights for the next CCS movers, such as Trudvang, so a big thank you to Northern Lights for sharing openly.”

Svae added: “There are still some challenges to overcome in terms of streamlining and adapting the regulatory framework, but as an industry, we must continue to collaborate across projects, across value chain partners and with policymakers to build commercially viable CCS chains.”

About Trudvang

The Trudvang CCS project involves capturing CO₂ from several industrial emission sources in Northern Europe and transporting it, either via ships or pipeline, to the Trudvang store for injection and permanent storage under the seabed. The licence has the potential to store nine million tons of CO₂ annually. This corresponds to approximately 20 percent of Norway’s annual CO₂ emissions. The plan is to be in position to start storing CO₂ in 2029.

Sval Energi AS is the operator of Trudvang and carries out and oversees the day-to-day management of Trudvang’s activities. Vår Energi ASA and Storegga AS participate with personnel to Trudvang’s project organisation.

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