By Iselin EngebretsenIn News29/04/20241 Minutes

Trudvang presents at Tekna CO₂ conference 2024

Carbon capture and storage (CCS) projects still need to overcome regulatory barriers to commercially succeed, but the industry is heading in the right direction.

This was the main message from Commercial Manager Caroline Svae when she spoke at the Tekna CO₂ conference 31 January at Fornebu. The conference aimed to offer industry insights from ongoing projects in both research and industry sectors, encompassing contributions from large and small stakeholders engaged in CCS and sustainable growth.

Svae said: “It was a great opportunity to present Trudvang storage at Tekna’s CO₂ conference. Overall, we can see that there are still regulatory barriers to overcome for the large-scale commercial CCS industry to succeed. However, seeing the scope of the projects being developed across the full CCS value chain and witnessing the enthusiasm to achieve this in collaboration makes me confident that we will succeed in building a commercially viable CCS industry”.