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Welcome to the Trudvang webpage

Welcome to the Trudvang webpage, where you can find information and updates about the Trudvang carbon capture and storage project. 

The Trudvang project involves capturing CO₂ from several industrial emission sources in Northern Europe and transporting it, either via ships or pipeline, to the Trudvang store for injection and permanent storage under the seabed. The licence has the potential to store nine million tons of CO₂ annually. This corresponds to approximately 20 percent of Norway’s annual CO₂ emissions. The plan is to be in position to start storing CO₂ in 2029.

Project Director Henning Eide said: “We are delighted to have launched the Trudvang webpage. Our vision for Trudvang is to contribute to a sustainable future by developing a commercially sound and innovative CO₂ storage solution that mitigate climate change and promote environmental stewardship. The Trudvang webpage will communicate our goals and keep the industry informed about our progress. We are excited to share more about our journey.”

About Trudvang

Sval Energi AS, Storegga Norge AS and Vår Energi Norge AS was awarded EXL007 the Trudvang CO₂ storage licence in September 2023. Sval is the operator of Trudvang and carries out and oversees the day-to-day management of Trudvang’s activities. Vår Energi and Storegga participate with personnel to Trudvang’s project organisation.

The Trudvang licence is located in the Norwegian North Sea, east of the Sleipner field and approximately 165 kilometers from the Norwegian coast. The reservoir itself is located in the Utsira Formation. Please have a look at the map here.

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